About Fourth Ward

We created Fourth Ward for women like us: The Doers, the Dreamers, the Travelers, the Risk-takers, the Creators, the modern do-everything-and-make-it-look-easy woman. Being a woman today isn't easy. There is constant pressure to look great but make it look effortless; to be on top of things, but be relaxed; to be spontaneous but always have our s*** together. We know that doing all of the things you want to do- and everything you have to do- gets hard, so we want to make this one part of your life easy. Let us take the effort out of getting dressed and looking great, so that you can focus on what matters. Ethical clothing and the environment are also important to us at Fourth Ward so we use only recyclable packaging and are constantly seeking vendors who do good for the world and the clothing industry. We are proud to offer many items (including our denim!) that are domestically made.